Predavateljica: Kirsti Kuenzel (Trinity College, Hartford, CT, ZDA)

A graph $G$ is called well-hued if for each positive integer $k$ there is an integer $a_k$ such that every maximal $k$-colorable subgraph of $G$ has order $a_k$. This notion of well-hued can be viewed as a generalization to the property of being well-covered. We say that $G$ is well-covered if every maximal independent set has the same cardinality, namely $\alpha(G)$. Thus, if a graph is well-hued, it is also well-covered for all maximal $1$-colorable subgraphs must have the same cardinality. In this talk, we will investigate those well-hued graphs that are either cubic, planar, a split graph, or a product graph.

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