Predavateljica: Veronica Martinez de la Vega (Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México)

Povzetek: Let X be a nonempty, compact, connected metric space (a contiunuum) and C(X) the hyperspace of subcontinua of X, i.e. C(X) = {A in X : A is a continuum in X} and F1(X) = {{a} in C(X) : a in X}. It is easy to show that F1(X) is homeomorphic to X. Define a selection, s, as a continuous retraction s : C(X) —> F1(X) such that s(A) is contained in A, or s can be defined as a map s : C(X) —> X such that s(A) in A. We show in this talk for which continua selections can be defined and some interesting results around this type of maps.

Predavanje bo ob 13:00 v predavalnici 0/103.