Topološki seminar Ljubljana – Maribor – Zagreb nadaljuje svoje delo v soboto, 14. 4. 2018. Med 10. in 14. uro bosta v predavalnici 0/1 na Fakulteti za naravoslovje in matematiko Univerze v Mariboru (Koroška cesta 160) naslednji predavanji:

Boštjan Gabrovšek (Univerza v Ljubljani): Knot polynomials in the projective space

Povzetek: Knot polynomials are invariants used to distinguish knots in the 3-dimensional Euclidean space.
We will generalize this concept for knots in the 3-dimensional projective space as well as other 3-manifolds.

Ana Anušić (Sveučilište u Zagrebu): Inhomogeneities in unimodal inverse limit spaces

Povzetek: Unimodal inverse limit space is a continuum obtained as an inverse limit on the unit interval with a single bonding map coming from the logistic family. Such continua are known to fail the homogeneity property, primarily because of the existence of points which are locally not homeomorphic to the Cantor set of arcs. We will investigate the structure of such points with respect to the dynamics of the bonding map.

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