V sklopu Seminarja Oddelka za matematiko in računalništvo FNM UM bo v sredo 13. decembra 2023 z začetkom ob 15:00 v predavalnici P1 (Gosposvetska cesta 84, Maribor) predaval dr. Adam Mahdi iz Oxford Internet Institute, University of Oxford.

Adam Mahdi: Navigating the Landscape of Multimodal Machine Learning in Healthcare and beyond.

Abstract: This presentation explores the dynamic landscape of large language and multimodal models, shedding light on the risks and opportunities they present for self-diagnosis and beyond. As artificial intelligence progresses, the talk investigates the implications of using these advanced models, emphasising both the potential benefits and associated challenges. Designed for a general audience, the session provides a comprehensive review of the advancements in multimodal machine learning, offering insights into how these technologies are reshaping the world around us.